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“Become The Bank” Non-Performing Note Investing Program provides a fully comprehensive instructional on how to invest in non-performing mortgage notes. Take control of your real estate investing future by learning how to strategize non-performing note investing! This educational program is required for all Community Organizer Affiliates and is included with your package.

Program provides the following education modules:

1. Introduction and overview of non-performing notes.

2. How a note is created.

3. Evaluation of a non-performing note.

4. Understanding amortization schedules.

5. Becoming The Bank

6. Summarizing the non-performing note process.

Delivery options and costs:

a. Each module received weekly via email for 6 weeks. $3499.

b. Personal SPEED PASS. Each module received daily via email for 6 days with a 30 min telephone review, question and answer session scheduled each day. $4999.

c. Belly-To-Belly. We will travel to your location. $14,999*

d. Seminar up to 30 people.  We will travel to your location. $6999*

e. Seminar over 100 people. We will travel to your location. $14,999*

*Plus travel and lodging cost.


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"Become The Bank" Non-Performing Note Investing Program