Your dream is worth the effort!

The Business Transformation Program provided by The Gardener USA is perfect for start-up businesses and existing businesses. This program is available to any business owner who would like to ensure a profitable venture through evaluation of personal, business, and community needs. Introduction to Miracle USA’s Community Connections Marketing Program is included with this Program. This educational program is required for all Community Organizer Affiliates and is included with your Package.

Program includes the following education modules:

1. Mind Evaluation. Why do I want this?

2. Business Evaluation. Does my business support my needs?

3. Introduction to CCMP.

4. Restructuring the plan.

5. Forming (or re-forming) the team.

6. Launching the plan.

Delivery options and costs:

a. Each module received weekly via email for 6 weeks. $299.

b. Personal SPEED PASS. Each module received daily via email for 6 consecutive days with a 30 min telephone review, question and answer session with The Gardener scheduled each day. $599.

c. Belly-to-belly. The Gardener will travel to your location. $899 *

d. Seminar up to 30 people. The Gardener will travel to your location. $1299*

e. Seminar over 100 people. The Gardener will travel to your location. $3999*

*Plus travel and lodging cost


It all starts with the right frame of mind.

Business Transformation Program