Discover the benefit of doing things the new, old way!

Community Connections Marketing Program provided by Miracle USA is perfect for any business and assists business owners in utilizing their precious marketing capital in methods which prove not only to be more profitable, but also more efficient, customer centric, and employee centric. Does your business need a boost?!? With Miracle USA’s Community Connections Marketing Program your business will thrive like NEVER before! This educational program is required for all Community Organizer Affiliates and is included with your Package.

Program includes the following education modules:

1. Evaluating the method, cost, and effectiveness of current marketing initiatives.

2. The importance of knowing your product and its impact in the community.

3. Know your employees and what their personal goals and strengths are.

4. Know your community and what it’s needs are.

5. Re-designating marketing capital for optimal effectiveness and return on investment.

6. Launching your new marketing plan.

Delivery options and costs:

a. Each module received weekly via email for 6 weeks. $299.

b. Personal SPEED PASS. Each module received daily via email for 6 consecutive days with a      30 min telephone review, question and answer session with The Gardener. $599

c. Belly-to-belly. The Gardener will travel to your location. $999*

d. Seminar up to 30 people. The Gardener will travel to your location. $1299 *

e. Seminar over 100 people. The Gardener will travel to your location. $4999 *

*Plus travel and lodging cost.


What do YOU consider marketing?

Community Connections Marketing Program (CCMP)