You DESERVE to be financially free. 

The Creative Financial Assistance Program is provided in Joint Partnership through The Gardener USA and is an introduction to the several assistance programs currently made available through Miracle USA and it’s Affiliates. Lender/Financial Affiliates are required to participate in this educational program so they may provide additional assistance to the market(s) they serve. This educational program is required for all Community Organizer Affiliates and is included with your Package.

Program provides the following education modules:

1. Business and Non-Profit financial needs analysis, the Miracle USA way.

2. Non-Profit tangible needs requests and how Miracle USA helps them.

3. Why Investment Programs are better than debt structure for business and NPO capital.

4. How Miracle USA helps its Affiliates get the funding they need.

5. How Miracle USA helps its Affiliates get the education they need.

6. Overview of real estate investment opportunities.

7. How you get compensated by referring your clients to Miracle USA and its Affiliates.

Delivery options and costs:

a. Group conference call with Q&A and short accuracy test via email. $99/each attendee. Weekly schedule availability.

b. Seminar up to 30 people. The Gardener will travel to your location. $1699 + travel and lodging costs


Who is helping YOU 

with your financial future?

Creative Financial Assistance Program