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Influencer Affiliate 


Become a positive influence!

This Affiliate Package is for any successful business owner who would like to assist other business owners with timely market information, handy tips-of-the-trade, and any other helpful advice through blogging, emailing, social media, and monthly newsletter platforms. Additional 2 Affiliate designations allowable for Exclusive Affiliate Database purposes. Minimum participation requirements must be met each month.

Cost for Company and Principle:

One-time set up fee:  $ 999

Annual administration fee: $5000 (4 payments $1250)


*All Affiliate Packages include a basic registration and marketing package consisting of the following benefits:

-Profile creation with picture for social media, email creation and promotion, and password protected database inclusion exclusive to other Miracle USA Affiliates.

-Full assistance in connecting Affiliates with common goals

-Three (3) Miracle USA T-shirts, size XL

-One Miracle USA window cling for storefront or vehicle

-One Miracle USA Cap, one size

-One Miracle USA yard sign for home or office

-Monthly Newsletter, The Miracle USA Gazette

-Free use of Miracle USA provided logo for web, social media, and print

-Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Business Funding, and Private Investment Opportunities

-Special deals and discounts from other Miracle USA Affiliates and MUSA University

-Direct dealings with all Miracle USA Affiliates