Miracle USA 

Professional Business Network Announces:

The Miracle USA Gazette!

Miracle USA Professional Business Network is pleased to announce the launch of The Miracle USA Gazette with the September 2017 Issue! 

This Months Headlines Include:

Main Headline:

Miracle USA Announces "Showcase Community" Selection for NJ/Phila Region

Other Headlines:

-Miracle USA Launches Nationwide Event Circuit In Atlantic City, NJ September 27, 2017 at Resorts Hotel & Casino

-Miracle USA Gets "Thumbs Up" From Businesses and Non-Profit Groups Across New Jersey

-The Miracle USA Dream Team Provides Direct Assistance to Members on Miracle USA's Meetup Platform

-The Gardener Announces Private Facebook Page for Miracle USA Members

-Miracle USA and The Gardener Announce Launch of the Dreampitch Platform

-Corporate Culture Monthly Insight with The Gardener

-Member Spotlight Article of the Month

-Member Insights Article of the Month

-Members Only Advertisers Page

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