Looking for a new gig?  Make big bucks with wholesaling.

The Wholesaling Properties Program is provided by Pull The Trigger and provides an in-depth education for wholesalers to assist them in generating additional income through the wholesaling function of real estate investing. Great for beginners or seasoned wholesalers! This package is required for all Community Organizer Affiliates and is included with your package.

Program provides the following education modules:

1. Wholesaling: An ideal direction for investors.

2. Making it work in a business world.

3. How to identify properties.

4. Researching properties online and offline.

5. How to “Tie Up” a property.

6. Bringing properties to investors.

7. Renovating and wholesaling properties.

8. Another outlet for cash flow.

Delivery options and costs:

1. Each module received weekly via email for 6 weeks. $3499.

2. Personal SPEED PASS. Each module received daily via email for 6 days with a 30 min telephone review, question and answer session with Ray Urrutia scheduled each day. $4999.

3. Belly-To-Belly. Ray Urrutia will travel to your location. $14,999*

4. Seminar up to 30 people. Ray Urrutia will travel to your location. $6999 *

5. Seminar over 100 people. Ray Urrutia will travel to your location. $14,999 *

*Plus travel and lodging cost.


Wholesaling: An art unto itself.

Wholesaling Properties Program